Professional Penetration Test

In today’s increasingly interconnected business world, vulnerabilities present in an organisation’s infrastructure can lead to serious problems – the loss of trade secrets, damage to reputation or even breach of legal obligations to protect confidential information.

A penetration test is designed to emulate real life attack motivations and techniques in order to provide a comprehensive register of vulnerabilities, weaknesses and exposures based on a specific scenario or threat, or focused on a subset of technical infrastructure.

A penetration test can be tailored to meet the particular requirements of an organisation. In the most straightforward case a penetration test will take the form of a focused attack against a defined localised target such as a specific network. Our tests can also be modified to emulate a specific scenario, such as assessing the damage that a disgruntled employee could cause within a corporate network or determining the extent of access a completely anonymous attacker might be able to obtain without any prior knowledge of the target. Options such as social engineering, where appropriate, add the important human factor into the assessment and may also be incorporated.