Prevention is the last and only protection against the risk of your data to be violated. From our defensive position we offer you the services your business needs, so whether small or large, whatever the industry, our consulting is customized.

If your company has no presence in a sector of computer security or IT, you can delegate the task to a Falta Envido specialist that will understand your needs and will offer immediate and long term solutions to prevent a latent risk that could affect the continuity of your business or company.

Our areas of expertise include:

Analysis of architecture, authentication, access control, data validation, error handling, data privacy and reliability, encryption and session management among others.

Digital Audit

  • Analysis of the security of databases and data storage systems
  • Design and implementation of plans and simulation techniques protecion attacks.
  • Traffic analysis with proactive penetration testing (Denial of Service simulated)
  • Test of stress and tolerance in hardware and software, proprietary, ownership or design.
  • Analysis of data transport layers
  • Design and optimization of applications and databases.
  • Testing applications and source code, static and dynamic way.
  • Identification and analysis of previous and new vulnerabilities in Web applications.
  • Analysis of exploits,  SQL injection, Shellcode, Injections from backdoors and rootkits, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF), automatic injector (Botnets, Scripts), Google hacks, Analysis Tokens, cracking passwords (Brute Force + dictionary), Session Hijacking (bypass authentication and authorization), identification of new vulnerabilities and low-level analysis.


  • All across Secure Communications (VoIP and Virtual Private Networks)
  • Developer of fraud detection systems
  • Sophisticated systems of protection against attacks Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Development of Firewall systems 99.9% secure
  • Intrusion Detection Systems, Active and Pas vos, LAN / WAN

Digital Forensics

  • Discovering security flaws that have been used to carry out the attack.
  • Discover the origin and the author of the attack.
  • Determine the methodology and tools used during the attack.
  • Set the appropriate security measures to prevent the attack in the future.
  • Retrieve data as much affected as possible.