INSECT -  Exploit Deployment

It is the most exhaustive tool to evaluate the safety at a corporate level.
Integrates testing of servers, desktops, users and web applications against real threats to information security.

This allows security professionals to use the server as an outpost from which to run automated test network penetration against other systems on the network, as an attacker point of view. Understanding how vulnerabilities in the different layers of the network and operated by different vectors of attack, can be combined to build paths of attacks in an organization, is invaluable for designing effective mitigation mechanisms.

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INSECT is a tool in constant growing. We are updating the modules in a daily basis.

BLACK BOX – Pentester

It is a hardware device based on Arduino Duemilanove with USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth, according to the online module, capable of generating and intercept data packets from the target hardware to and from central control.

Initially, the Black Box should be installed on the local network test objective (or left in the vicinity of your wireless network) to achieve the same connection. Then the person who controls the Black Box can send commands and receive the information collected.

Some of the possible uses that a Black Box can give are:

Frame grabber:
A frame grabber is as its name suggests, a packet capturing information is not intended as malicious purpose could be used to steal passwords, intercept email messages, spying talks, chat, etc.

Exploit Launcher:
A pitcher of exploits first performs a scan on the network to which
have access to, then determine the destination machine and depending on the port or services open on this network, you can launch exploits to test it or run client-side type of attacks to gain illegitimate access to the machines.

Middle attacks:
An attack of such man-in-the-middle or (MITM by its acronym) is a
type of attack that has the ability to intercept packets without any
parties know that this link has been violated. Allowing the
black box, write, read or redirect these packages at will.

Denial of service:
This type of test try to attack the local network and consume the total bandwidth to deny access for true clients.

It is a report generator activity including date and time, which can be accessed via the same network connection from the company which is performed penetration testing

Logistics in general:
With a VGA camera operated by the microcontroller is possible to obtain
real and very light images, with dates and time to record the activity
organization. With a microphone connected to the black box can also obtain
recording and listening.