Features and Benefits

New level of visibility. Provides a new level of visibility for network security. The penetration testing tool exploits vulnerabilities to give you insight into how your system would fare against attackers.

Quantify risk. With INSECT, you can quantify the risk to your information assets by running controlled exploits on your system and generating reports to understand the true weaknesses in your network. By demonstrating the path an attacker could use to penetrate your network, you can estimate the potential damage to your data.

Manage resources more efficiently. By proving the existence of vulnerabilities with INSECT, you can focus attention and resources where they are needed most. Knowing with confidence the extent of network vulnerability allows you to manage its remediation most efficiently.

Better defend your network. Armed with evidence of system weaknesses, you’re better equipped to fix vulnerabilities and secure the network. At the conclusion of each session, INSECT provides recommendations and tools you can use to repair vulnerabilities.

Ease of use. INSECT’s features include the ease of use to manage penetration testing in-house, seamless integration with the INSECT user interface, and additional tools to test client vulnerabilities such as Web browsers, databases, and desktop applications.

Continuously updated exploits. INSECT boasts an extensive, multi-platform, exploit library that provides up-to-the-minute information on the latest posted vulnerabilities. It automatically uses all available exploits for any given operating system or software type.

  • Exploits vulnerabilities founded automatically by INSECT vulnerability scanner.
  • Proves the existence of critical vulnerabilities.
  • Includes IPv4 and IPv6 exploits.
  • Features exploit tunneling that allows you to run penetration tests from an exploited target.
  • Boasts an extensive, multi-platform exploit library.
  • Includes remote, local, and clientside exploits.
  • Includes application, SQL, XSS, and PHP exploits.
  • Provides automatic penetration testing.
  • Runs individual exploits on demand.
  • Includes the ultimate exploits in the wild