CCTV Systems & Security

Preventing is better than cure. This adage seems to be tailor-made for security concerns. Today, everybody wants to protect their interests, whether at the home, office, or company. The explanation is that the stakes have risen significantly, and times are unpredictable. Growing vandalism and robbery cases have made it necessary to avoid such violations by installing a robust security system.

CCTV Technology prevents fraud and damage to equipment and provides documentation in the event of any unexpected accidents. Usually, the CCTV system consists of the following elements.

1. Cameras- Dome cameras, day and night cameras, IP cameras, and cameras with pan, zoom, and tilt features.

2. DVR’S-4, 8, 16 channel video support. These machines are transmitting video footage to a hard disk. They can be made to record continuously or when the camera senses any unexpected motion. It provides remote monitoring and networking features.

3. Monitors for watching video clips. These are available in a variety of sizes and technologies. 17″ and 19″ are some of the display sizes that are widely used.

These devices are available with long electrical cables, power supply units, and accessories to enable viewing on a television. The CCTV kit also contains metal clamps to mount the box.