This camera is most suitable for indoor purposes. The size of the chip enables it to perform well in low lighting conditions. It has higher resolution and covers wider distance. Besides, a regular C mount camera in India is built in style.

No other CCTV cameras look as glamorous as a C mount security camera system in India! It can be installed anywhere inside the premises; and the entire premises can be watched over with ease. Many of them work well at night, without the use of infrared. However, they are not very good as outdoor CCTV application.

Box shaped regular C mount cameras in India have not changed their shape, till date! They are not as advanced as modern security cameras. C mount security camera system in India may not be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions. If installed outside the building, they may have trouble facing direct sunlight, rain, cold or windy atmosphere.

However, they may be installed outside, inside a bracket or special housing. It may also require heaters or cooling fans to stabilize the temperature inside the special housing. Still, it is advisable to use a regular C mount camera in India inside the premises. They work great as indoor cameras.

Despite such short comings, regular C mount cameras in India are used by big business houses. Good image quality is the reason behind its demand! Unlike earlier times, C mount security camera system in India is not the most sought after CCTV system.

But it is popular when the matter is about resolution! It is advisable to go for this system, if the requirement is for an attractive, uncovered, and indoor CCTV application. Users need to select appropriate system for themselves. Only then, true value for their money can be obtained